Fashion Writing Series 2016

Fashion Writing Series 2016

Now in its second year, the Festival’s Fashion Writing Series is fast becoming one of Australia’s most respected new mentorship programs.

Developed by the Festival to support the best up and coming Australian talent within the writing, journalism and blogging communities, we’re thrilled to announce the 2016 Fashion Writing Series Finalists and their mentors:

Amy Campbell mentored by Clare Press (Marie Claire)

A past Festival Volunteer and Buzzcuts VAMFF Cultural Reviewer, and graduate of London’s Central Saint Martins school, Amy is excited to contribute to the world of fashion writing.

As Amy says “I’m in love, but sometimes daunted by the world of fashion. Thus, I’m passionate about bringing quality fashion journalism to an audience of my demographic that is both affordable and accessible; something that brings about a feeling of inclusion”

Amy will be mentored by Clare Press, Marie Claire’s fashion editor-at-large. A former features director at Vogue, she was most recently at Sunday Style, where her “Fash Fwd” column reached 1.6 million readers each week. Starting out at Oyster, Clare was once a senior writer at Rolling Stone, before working as fashion journalist for The Australian and Harper’s Bazaar. She was The Monthly’s first fashion critic and has been a columnist for Instyle. For four years, she designed her own label, Mrs Press. Clare is also passionate about sustainability, and sits on the Australian advisory board of Fashion Revolution.

Adeline Jin mentored by Briony Wright (i-D)

A writer from Melbourne, Adeline’s profound interest in the fashion industry is reflected in both her academic and professional career. Adeline works across many fields including press, e-commerce, design and content creation.

As Adeline puts it, “Since the beginning of my profound fascination with the field of fashion, the objective has been to promote the intellectual discussion around the fashion industry. As one of the most progressive mediums of creative industries, I hope to bring the discourse and dialogue within the fashion industry to the outside, where it may be accessible by all”.

Adeline will be mentored by Briony Wright, the Australian editor of the cutting-edge, iconic British publication i-D. i-D, which launched its online presence around the globe in 2014, highlights the best of contemporary culture, combining art, fashion, music and photography. Briony also previously spent eight years editing the local edition of Vice magazine.

Liberty Scott mentored by Laura Bannister (Museum)

Liberty is a Melbourne based creative writer and art academic, with a background in fashion, art, design and arts programming. Liberty is also the Co-Founder and Director of Art Kollectiv, a socialized digital directory for the Australian Arts community.

In her own words, Liberty says “A traditional difference between fashion and art was once found in their utility and base ontology, but with the rapid trajectory of hybrid, designer-artists in the contemporary fashion circuit, the creative landscape has been transfigured into an outcome based, non-commercial enterprise. I enjoy writing about this hybrid development in the sphere of creative practice, and the cross-fertilization of fashion and art that contributes to the repositioning of artist-designers within contemporary culture”.

Liberty will be mentored by Laura Bannister, the editor-in-chief and co-publisher of Museum, a biannual fashion and art magazine that is stocked in some of the world’s best galleries, bookstores and concept spaces. She has written about the arts for numerous titles including The Last Magazine, Interview, ARTAND, Russh and i-D. Laura also creates branded magazines and digital content for major fashion and lifestyle clients.

Aleczander Gamboa mentored by Mitchell Oakley Smith (Manuscript)

An ambitious fashion writer and editor-to-be, Aleczander has a love for fashion and everything it entails.

“Through my experiences with this program and with the help of my mentor, I hope to inspire creative growth within the writing community by creating dedicated workshops and events specifically related to fashion writing”  says Aleczander.

Aleczander’s mentor, Mitchell Oakley Smith is a global-roaming journalist, editor and author. He has written for Architectural Digest, ARTAND, Art Monthly, Belle, CNN, GQ, Harper’s Bazaar, Monument, The Australian, Wish and Vogue Living, and edits and publishes quarterly men’s journal Manuscript.

Yuzuha Oka mentored by Janice Breen Burns (Vox Frock)

Yuzuha is a bilingual freelance journalist, currently studying at the University of Melbourne. With a wide range of interests from fashion to technology to politics, she aims to intertwine topics together in an engaging and unexpected way.

Yuzuha says “I have always been intrigued by the stunning styles on magazines, and believe that there are plenty of ways to enjoy fashion for each person. I have been brought up in Japan, where Western and Eastern cultures intersect and the unique style flourishes”.

Yuzuha will be mentored by Janice Breen Burns, founder and editor of Voxfrock, a fashion and pop culture blogzine established in 2013. The Australian veteran journalist also boasts 19 years experience writing for Melbourne newspaper, the Age, as a renowned columnist, features writer, news reporter and fashion editor. Recognised for her deep knowledge and experience in the area, Janice is known for her honest view on fashion and is frequently invited to comment for print, online, radio and television broadcasts on industry news.

Congratulations again to all our Finalists!