The Festival Gets Close to Lisa Messenger

We had the pleasure of catching up with one of the many inspiring and dynamic Business Event Series speakers appearing in this year’s Fashion Industry Forums, Lisa Messenger.

In addition to holding the impressive title of Creative Director and CEO of The Messenger Group, Lisa has gained previous global expertise in areas such as events, sponsorship, marketing, PR and publishing. Most prominently, this creative entrepreneur is turning heads as the Founder and Editor-In-Chief of the well respected and highbrow lifestyle publication, The Renegade Collective (The Collective).


Congratulations on an amazing 18 issues of The Collective! Is there a particular story or issue that you have particularly fond memories of? Oh so many. We have done something like 1140 stories now so its so hard to pick just one.  Issue One will always be a super fond memory as its where this crazy journey all began.  Issue 8 was our one year anniversary milestone. Every single issue holds a special place in my heart as we celebrate inspirational stories from multiple industries from all over the globe.

You are very active on social media with a highly engaged Follower base – do you have any tips for In Detail* readers on how they can engage their own audience?  Find your purpose and your why.  Know what you stand for.  Then be true to that. Be authentic, honest, warm and engaging.  Create a community. Remember it’s not about your ego. It’s about giving back and engaging with people in a humanistic way.  Act as you would in real life/offline but take that same sentiment online.




‘Mass Intimacy – Customer to Customer Endorsement, Amplification and Recommendations’ is the theme of Fashion Industry Forum 1 – how do you adopt these principals at The Collective? This pretty much underpins everything we do.  It is the main reason The Collective has been such a success and the print version is now in 37 countries.  If you genuinely start with a product that you believe in and that people will genuinely love then that’s a great springboard.  Then I have always said that I am only the conduit and the architect for The Collective and that the brand is really owned by our community. If you empower people and give them a reason to love you and amplify your message they will.  People want to feel a part of something and a sense of belonging. We enable that in a number of different ways.  I have never experienced anything like the amplification, the sharing and the outright love for The Collective. I am thankful and humbled every single day without fail.

Which Australian Designer or boutique are you most excited to shop at during your visit to Melbourne? Christopher Esber, his clothes are so feminine and strong.

Events such as VAMFF can mean having back to back schedules, what is one item in your handbag that you rely on to get through your inevitably busy days? My journal, whenever creative inspiration hits throughout the day, I need to write it down.


To hear more from this engaging, articulate and successful power woman, do not miss out on your chance to see Lisa at this year’s Fashion Industry Forum 1 at Crown. To reserve your seat and participate in one of The Festival’s most intelligent and thought provoking conversations – buy your tickets here.