Jordana Lee

Meet the Festival’s Programming Executive, Jordana-Lee Pearce

Jordana-Lee Pearce has joined Festival HQ this week in the role of Programming Executive. Jordana-Lee has 10 years experience within the fashion industry under her belt in areas such as retail, marketing and styling, and has been a contributor to the Festival in various capacities over the years. An entrepreneur in the making, Jordana-Lee’s most recent project saw her launch FASHION CONVERSION; a premium pop-up shopping event selling pre-loved designer items from the wardrobes of style setters’ and fashion insiders. We learnt a little more about our newest team member via a short Q&A.

Heading into the 20th Festival in 2016, what are you most excited about?

Jordana-Lee Pearce: The new hub for Festival events at the Melbourne Museum Precinct. It’s my favourite area in Melbourne and I already spend a lot of my time in the Carlton Gardens.

Describe your personal style.

Jordana-Lee: I often ponder this to myself and am attempting to refine as I reach my late twenties, but have come up with: Biker chic, with a hint of New York tomboy (and quite often seventies styling).

What decade would you like to be born into if you could choose, and why?

Jordana-Lee: Now! I strongly believe that the universe puts you in the exact moment you need to be and I feel really connected to what’s surrounding me everyday.

What do you envision for the future of Australian fashion?

Jordana-Lee: I’ve watched the change in the industry happening over the last decade – with the internet giving a substantial helping hand –  and am so excited to see our Aussie designers killing it on the Global stage, whilst still remaining true to their original values.

Also seeing a lot more young independent men and women taking the leap of faith with their own creative power and the industry being so supportive of that. That’s what I love about our integrity at the Festival, with giving them the opportunity they need.

What are you listening to at the moment?

Jordana-Lee: Music is a huge part of my life and I find a lot of new stuff through Soundcloud, mainly UK dance. Usually I have flavors of the week that I listen to on repeat – this week it’s the EP by Mura Masa, it just screams summer.

Also: Duke Dumont, Disclosure and of course TAY TAY.