We were lucky enough to chat with designer Fozia, one half of Shio Designs who are launching their A/W 15 collection as part of the VAMFF Cultural Program. Shio is best recognized for its unique mix of eccentric Japanese culture and 90’s style hip hop trends. A free event, Shio will present their new collection in a basement dancehall on Friday 13 March in Fitzroy’s Laundry Bar.

VAMFF) We are so happy to be invited to come and see the studio. You girls describe your designs as “not for the faint hearted, but for today’s fashionkilla”, so what is it about your designs that makes a woman so powerful?

Fozia) Our collection is inspired mainly by Japanese culture. What I love so much about this culture is that they continue to push the limits. They keep pushing to a certain point that is new and always unique.


We understand that you are working with the Social Studio on your new A/W15 collection. What motivated this collaboration?

We have a great relationship with the Social Studio. I used to work there for two years so this partnership was easy and perfect for what we wanted. The Social Studio will also stock our new range online, which are all made to order. We especially love how closely they work with the community, that’s really important.

Describe this collection for me?

Everything is print on print on print. Everything clashes! The range is all about full length lycra dresses, Japanese stlye kimonos and printed leggings. The Social Studio only prints on silk and lycra so that’s main fabrication this season, which makes it fun and a little different.

shio prints

It is your first year working with Virgin Melbourne Fashion Festival, and we are so excited to have you on board! Tell us a little on what is in store for your guests on the evening at the basement party?

We will have about fifteen different pieces from the collection presented on the evening, all with accessories to match. The staff and our friends will be wearing the collection, so you will easily be able to pick them out of the crowd. This idea ensures the guests have the opportunity to feel the fabrics, touch them and see them move.

We decided not to do live runway, because when you have a runway it is very brief, and it’s very quick. You see it for a second and it’s gone. We would rather have people walking around all night in our outfits.

Unfortunately we didn’t get to chat to Hannah (the other half of Shio). Have you two girls always had a similar style? Are there any creative processes you do alone, or do you work on everything together?

Hannah is very different to me. Basically, my wardrobe is black, white and grey. Hannah has always been really colourful and I love that about her.

Surprisingly, we have always agreed on most things and have a very similar style although our fashion backgrounds were very different. We figure out the whole collection together. There isn’t anything we do separately really.

Your brand isn’t just about clothing, it’s about embracing a whole social culture and the people who love eccentric fashion. Do you girls ever follow fashion trends?

Our brand isn’t just cool clothing, it’s the whole culture that comes with it. We try to find things that look really different. We follow what the ‘feel’ is within society.

We are still young, still going out and always meeting people. Therefore, it has been a lot easier to grasp a feel of what is going on and understand what people want. You hear people talking about something and discover where there is a need for something. For now, we just need to keep our ear to the ground and see what people are after.

shio print 2

What will the future look like for Shio Designs?

Next season will be a lot larger with a full men’s range. We are trying to look at different fabrications and different textures. We are always trying to push the limits.

Can you describe the Shio girl for me?



SHIO AW15 Basement Launch

Friday 13 March @ 8pm

Laundry Bar, 48-50 Johnston St, Fitzroy

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