Peter Rowland Catering VAMFF Canapes

VAMFF x Peter Rowland Catering

We’re extremely excited to announce that Peter Rowland Catering will be a Major Partner of the 2016 Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival!

To celebrate our new partnership, we sat down with Peter Rowland Catering Executive Chef Neil Rocke for an exclusive Q&A about some of the key trends we can expect to see at the Melbourne Cup Carnival, and for 2016.

We’ll also be joining the Peter Rowland Catering team trackside at the Melbourne Cup Carnival at Flemington, so stay tuned to #VAMFFracing for all the action!

Q) What are some of the key trends in food at the moment?

This year we are seeing a lot of pickled and preserved ingredients featuring on menus along with smoked items. Korean and Japanese dishes with specialty ingredients like flavoured sesame oils, seaweeds and spices. The simple use of local premium ingredients and products with a ‘story’ are gaining in popularity in line with a more sustainable trend of eating and dining. Shared menus and shared food experiences are on the rise for event catering. In desserts – artisan ice cream, hybrid mixes and savoury flavours are all popular at the moment.

Q) What are your sources of inspiration when creating your menu?

The client’s vision and brief is always the first port of call, but I always try to think about how we can incorporate other elements to make it really unique. We have some fantastic input at Peter Rowland from our team of chef’s and creatives – whether the ideas are inspired by overseas trends, amazing new ingredients or products,  art, fashion, sculpture, travel  or memories, we try to make each menu special for the client.

Q) Can you give us a sneak peek of the dishes we can expect to see from PRC at the Spring Racing Carnival this year?

The menus in each marquee are unique to each client’s theme. We work closely with the client to give them a range of options that reflect the style. Typically, morning items are bite-sized and a good warm up for more substantial items at lunch, followed by desserts and then the late afternoon ‘soak’ which features all the satisfying items that people crave at that time of the day.

Q) Favourite restaurant in Melbourne?

Cutler & Co.

Q) Favourite place for a drink in Melbourne?


Q) Must-see Melbourne destination for visitors to our great city?

The alleyways and lanes in Melbourne’s CBD are always a must-see. I love the hidden restaurants, bars and café’s that can be found by just wandering around. Melbourne’s ever changing food and dining scene always amazes me.